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Manabloc Manifolds Repair & Replacement

Manabloc Manifolds

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Vanguard, Viaga, Wirsbo, & Uponor all manufacturers water distribution manifold systems to serve the residential water supply & water supply shut off needs of Las Vegas & Henderson. We at A Better Plumbing understand the frustration that Manabloc Manifolds create when they leak. Because the Manabloc is installed inside a wall, even a small drip can cause water damage. A Better Plumbing has repaired &/or replaced hundreds of Manabloc Manifolds in Las Vegas & Henderson.

Leaking Manabloc Information

Call us For expert advice on how to solve the issue of a leaking Manabloc Manifold.

Over the years, Vaguard & Viega have manufactured different styles of manablocs. The oldest manifolds are grey, made of polybutelene and the valve handles stack on top of one another. If the manabloc is leaking from the valves, the entire assembly needs to be replaced.

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