Watermains & Reroute Repairs & Replacement

Our definition of a water main includes the water piping from the Las Vegas Water District water meter to the water connection serving a residence,
building or dwelling.
The responsibility of the water piping falls upon the Las Vegas resident when the water leak is on the output side of the water meter
as well as all water piping upstream from this location. There is usually a water fitting tee that serves the irrigation to the property.
This tee is located near the residence and is downstream from the residence main water shut off valve. After the irrigation tee, there is normally a
main water shut off valve. To properly isolate a water leak to the water main, it is preferred that both the irrigation anti siphon valve & main water shut off
valve be in operating condition,otherwise installing a new valve or valves is recommended.

Once the water main is isolated & it is determined that the water meter indicates water flowing through it,
the next step is to listen with an electronic devicethat amplifies the audio frequency of the leak & reduces extraneous frequencies.
Through correlation we can determine where within the water main system that the leak is most likely located.
For the most part, leaks are associated with fittings at the meter adaptors, residence adaptors of irrigation tee fittings.
Next on the list of leak culprits for water mains is a material that is now prohibited called polybutelene.

Polybutelene is a black plastic material that gets brittle over time. We have replaced many water mains suffering from leaks
due to this brittle water piping material. The name of the game in water leak detection is to isolate & narrow down the places where a water leak
may be present. Electronic line location, helium induction, leak correlation & thermal imaging cameras aid in locating hard to find water leaks.
If you need help locating your water leak, call the Las Vegas valley water leak detection experts - A Better Plumbing Company