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The luxury of having hot water ready to flow through our faucet or shower valve is something we may take for granted in Las Vegas until the hot water is not there. Few things in the Las Vegas service plumbing business create a sense of urgency more than a water heater not working or leaking. A hot shower in the morning is something that most of us cannot do without. Water heaters in Las Vegas enable us to enjoy a hot bath, cook, clean, do our laundry & wash our dishes. We at A Better Plumbing understand that when residents in Las Vegas have a water heater that is not working or leaking, it needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The installation of water heaters in Las Vegas & Henderson is a competitive business. Many Las Vegas water heater installation companies advertise a low price & inevitably add more to the original price with additional charges relating to Las Vegas permit fees, earthquake straps, sediment traps, drip pans, exhaust vent piping, temperature pressure relief valve piping, water heater shut off valve, water heater supplies, gas shut off valve, gas supply, hot water heater recirculation pump, check & isolation valves & last but not least, hauling away the old water heater. It is the goal of A Better Plumbing to provide an accurate estimate before we ring your doorbell. We encourage those asking for a quote on a Las Vegas water heater replacement to have the following information ready Where is the location of the job? The area of town in Las Vegas or Henderson or the nearest major cross streets should suffice. The location of the job will determine the jurisdiction of the administrative authority responsible for issuing the permit your water heat installation. How accessible is the water heater? Is it located in a second story condo or hidden behind a mountain of boxes? Is the water heater in a garage & readily accessible? What is the current brand/make & model of your existing water heater & when was the existing water heater installed? It may still be under warranty which will result in a reduction of the new installation cost. How many gallons does your existing water heater store? Is it a gas, electric, power vent or a high a recovery water heater? High recovery water heaters are commonly found in many condominiums in Las Vegas & Henderson & are used to heat hot water coils for space heating . High recovery water heaters are more expensive than standard water heaters but are necessary for your heater to work properly. Does your water heater have a recirculation pump? The most common recirculation pumps are Grundfos, Taco & Watts. Grundfos residential recirculation pumps are red in color & often located near the drain valve of the water heater. Does your existing water heater have a drain pan underneath it, sediment trap (gas fittings including a tee associated with the connection to water heater) & earthquake straps? Why should a Las Vegas resident hire a Las Vegas based Plumbing Contractor to install their new water heater? Las Vegas inspectors are very strict regarding code requirements relating to the installations of water heaters here in the Las Vegas Valley. A gas water heater is fueled by dangerous flammable natural gas. Gas water heaters require exhaust vent piping that emits harmful toxic carbon monoxide fumes. The vent piping on gas water heaters can get hot enough to create a fire when installed too closely to combustionable materials. Both gas & 240 volt electric water heaters utilize temperature pressure relief valves & relief valve drains for our safety.

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